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Singer, Songwriter, Engineer and Music Producer.

Audio specialities

Arrangement, Beats, General audio advice, Home studio business, Mixing, Sampling, Songwriting and Composition

Genre specialities

Dance, Electronic, Pop, Singer Songwriter, Vocal

DAW specialities

Cubase, Logic Pro


I started as a singer and lead guitarist in a band in the late 90's and I have been writing, recording and producing my own music since 2001. I have created with Logic, Reason, Reaper but settled on Cubase and never looked back. My own music first featured on BBC Radio 1 in 2006 and since that time I have featured frequently on BBC Introducing, Radio 1 "In New Music We Trust", as well as local radio and online radio stations including UK Bass, Unite Radio and Global DnB. I am now a full time music producer and freelance mixing engineer working with artists from all over the UK and internationally. I specialise in Electronic and sub genres of Electronic Music, but as a guitarist and songwriter at heart I create a wide mix of styles including Acoustic, Indie, Pop and even Classical genres for music licensing. In recent years I have been mixing and mastering for a number of clients and have been able to do so because I have a room and monitoring system that I can trust. Time, dedication and care has gone into speaker placement and room arrangement to create a listening environment that provides an accurate translation of the audio at the listening position. As software and technology advances I am always learning and keen to experiment with new ideas and I have had some amazing opportunities since the start of my career in music, including audio production for stages at Glastonbury Music Festival, Live performances at the Dogstar in London, the Musician in Leicester and local Theatre.


United Kingdom



Deep In Steel
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Real Life Is The Trouble
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The Touch of a Ghost
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