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My name is Ryan I am a Audio Engineer and a YouTuber

Audio specialities

EQ, Guitar lessons, Home studio business, Mixing, Mixing Bass, Mixing Drums, Mixing Guitars, Mixing Vocals, Songwriting and Composition, Sound design

Genre specialities

Big Band, Christian, Gospel, Metal, Rock

DAW specialities

Logic Pro, Pro Tools


My name is Ryan and I Specialize in Mixing & Recording Music I help people by teaching people how to Record and Mix Music in there own Home Recording Studios. I have a YouTube Channel Called Golden Productions that I teach on about Mixing & Recording Music.

The teaching methods I use are very simple to follow and use I don't use any big words that people don't understand and I teach slow so people can understand what I'm saying and can learn about Mixing and Recording Music on my YouTube Channel Golden Productions

I also have a strong relationship with my Subscribers where they can message me or Dm me when ever they want when ever they need help Mixing or Recording Music

My Goal as a Audio Engineer and a Musician and a Audio Producer is on Golden Productions my goal is not to throw all these techniques down your throat about Mixing and Recording Music.
I teach in a way thats simple to learn and I teach you what you need to learn and the best way to do it and my techniques I can tell you they will work 100% because I'm not throwing all this techniques down your throat that you don't need if you stick to the basics and teach them the right way to do things then you will see huge results and your mixes will come to life and get a lot

Ryan spent his whole life studying Mixing And Recording Music Ryan did not go to Audio School he learned everything on his own Ryan started out being a Musician he started playing guitar at the age of 9 then like 4 years latter he started learning bass guitar after that he learned on his own how to play piano a few more years latter he learn how to play drums all the instruments Ryan plays he learned himself

After playing and learning all those instruments Ryan wanted to learn to Record and Mix Music so Ryan started studying music and how to record and mix it Ryan spent hours a day reading book and watching YouTube videos on how to mix and record music Ryan wanted to learn how to mix and record music so bad.


United States

New York


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