GFC Studios

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Recording, Mixing & Mastering For Rock/Metal

Audio specialities

Guitar modeling, Headphones, Home studio business, Mastering, MIDI Drums, Mixing, Songwriting and Composition

Genre specialities

Metal, Punk, Rock

DAW specialities

Cubase, Mixcraft


Hi, I'm James, an Engineer/Producer based out of Birmingham, UK (The Home of Heavy Metal!) I am obsessed with heavy music. I literally eat, breathe and sleep it and always have the latest banger stuck in my head that I'm humming to myself, or drumming my fingers to on the table (I'm a weirdo 😎)

I actually give a shit about your music and you will not find anyone more passionate and dedicated, when it comes to taking care of your music and making it sound the best and the most brutal it possibly can.

I have played in bands for over 10 years and have vast experience on the recording and live circuit, always being involved in the production process in some way. I take all of this experience and my extreme ear for detail to bring an obsessive level of quality to the music that I work on.

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United Kingdom

West Midlands


Vesta Collide
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