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Sound designer and audio engineer from Poland.

Audio specialities

Audio repair, Loudness and LUFS, Mastering, Mixing, Reverb and Space Design, Sound design

Genre specialities

Commercials, Commercial Jingles, Film and Trailer Music, Hip Hop and Rap, Rock

DAW specialities

Logic Pro, Pro Tools


I can help you in many ways. As a professional, I deal with sound post-production on a daily basis. In addition, I also do sound recordings, both in the studio and on set. So if you need to do the:
-audio mix for your movie or commercial,
-make a sound design for a movie, computer game or animation,
-or you need help fixing a bad sounding recording,

You came to the right place :)

I have around ten years of experience and I work in a film studio since 2014.
If you want to hear some examples of my work, I suggest going on my website -





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