Alexey Kisilier

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Music & Audio Producer

Audio specialities

Arrangement, Beats, Mixing, Music Industry and Business, Songwriting and Composition

Genre specialities

Easy Listening, Electronic, Film and Trailer Music, Hip Hop and Rap, Soundtrack

DAW specialities

Studio One


Hi there! My name is Alexey, and I do freelance work in audio & music production. I was a live engineer for many years, and have worked for companies like Aida Cruises & Stage Entertainment, where I did supervision of well-knows shows like The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Frozen, and Pretty Woman. However, at some point, for whatever reason, I got bored and changed my career path by 180 degrees doing content management and online marketing now.

In my spare time, I help artists and movie directors with their ideas & productions.

When I find the time and inspiration, I still love writing & producing music for myself, ranging from hip-hop music to trailer sequences. In the future, I do plan to release my own production music library because I don't want to work for other libraries anymore due to time and contract reasons.

I guess that's it! If you need help with anything related to audio mixing & music production, just drop me a message, and I will be happy to help you out if I can.

PS: In my spare-spare time I love to blog as well, however, it's not audio nor music related.





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